Certification/ Recertification

Get Recertified Through the ASQ App (from Insider: News for Members, September 12th)

To provide a user-friendly, secure, and more efficient recertification experience, ASQ has made significant improvements and enhancements to the recertification process that will require all certification holders to use ASQ’s online recertification app starting January 1, 2019.

Using ASQ’s online recertification app will deliver consistency in processing and provide a recertification unit tracker, the opportunity to drag-and-drop documents, and a user-friendly interface with a complete document history. The online app also will automatically integrate recertification units (RUs) directly into your account for activities such as ASQ Membership and Certification.

This decision to move to a secure online platform was based on several factors. First, in late 2017, ASQ conducted research, collecting voice of the customer feedback that explored many facets of the recertification experience that drove communication and functional enhancements. Additionally, the decision was made based on new data privacy laws that mandate how ASQ protects customer information. Lastly, the decision relates to ASQ Certification workgroup pursuing ISO 17024 accreditation, which has established standards for recertification quality control.

The changes being implemented will provide customers greater value and a more consistent, rewarding experience.

Congratulations to Princeton Section members who achieved certification in 2015 and 2016!



To obtain  information about ASQ Certifications please visit the website ASQ.org website, and see the Certification tab.

Computer Based Testing

Based on extensive market analysis and member feedback, ASQ has decided to transition the delivery of certification exams from paper & pencil to computer based testing (CBT).

The change will occur beginning with the October 1, 2016 exams.  

Registration starts June 1, 2016.

Examinee benefits of the transition include:

  • an increase of annual administrations for examinees, from two to six exam date options per year
  • more testing locations from 350 to 8,000
  • convenience of retesting reduced from every 6 months to 2 months
  • exam results in 0-4 days instead of 10

Exams initially will be available through CBT in English, with translated exams available starting in March 2017.

To learn more about Computer Based Test-Delivery follow this link: http://asq.org/cbt/




Recertification can be achieved by submitting a recertification journal or by exam.   All recertification information and documentation can be found on the ASQ website.

To recertify by recertification journal, you must obtain a minimum of 18 recertification units (RUs) over a three-year period starting with your certification date.  RU credits can be earned in ten categories as defined in the Recertification Journal.  Please note the maximum RUs defined for each category cannot be exceeded.

Recertification journals can be submitted up to six months before and/or after your expiration date (see Recertify Date on your certificate).  If you submit your journal before the six months it will be returned.  If you submit your journal after the six months, you will be instructed on how to recertify by exam.

ASQ now has an online Recertification Journal!

You can now log in your RU points as you earn them over the three year period.

They will be stored on your record so once your journal has been approved and your record updated, there is no need to keep hard copies any longer.
Note: You will not be able to use the online journal to synchronize your certifications or pay via check.

If you wish to synchronize any of your certifications or pay with a check, please mail your recertification journal, with appropriate documentation, to the ASQ Princeton Section 307 Recertification Chair for processing.

Contact Jill McPartland Vila at Jill.Vila@ASQPrinceton.org for any questions, include where to mail a recertification journal.

For more information on submitting your Recertification Journal Online follow this link:


Log in and click on ‘My Certifications” to find out when your certification(s) expire.

Then click on “My Recertification Journal” to start completing your journal.  For additional information, please refer to the ASQ.org website.



Recertification by Exam
To recertify by exam, please fill out the Recertification by Exam Request Form located in the Recertification Journal and return with payment to ASQ by FAX or at the following address for review and processing:

Attn:  Recertification Coordinator
P.O. Box 3005
Milwaukee , WI   53210-3005
FAX:  414-298-3005

You may recertify by exam up to one year past your certification expiration date.

Certification Synchronization You may synchronize two or more of your certifications so that they all expire on the same date.  To synchronize, all you need to do is include documentation and the 18 RUs required to recertify the certification that is currently due.  On the ASQ Recertification Journal Application form in the Recertification Journal just indicate what other ASQ certifications you wish to have synchronized with the certification that is currently due.  You are not required to provide evidence for any of the other certifications you are trying to synchronize.  As long as the one certification that is currently due is approved then all other certifications, as indicated on the application form, will be pulled back to expire the same as the certification which is most currently due.  Then for future recertifications you will only need to provide a total of 18 RU credits for all synchronized certifications on one application form along with one set of documentation.

Certification Retirement
To retire your certification, please fill out the Retired Certification Status Form located in the Recertification Journal and return with payment to ASQ at the following address for review and processing: ASQ
Attn:  Recertification Coordinator
P.O. Box 3005
Milwaukee , WI   53210-3005

Recertification Fees and Payment

Recertification and certification retirement fees can be found on the ASQ website.
Fees can be paid by credit card or check.  Checks must be made out to ASQ.